Internet shop Askona.eu can offer you to buy goods on credit, using the services of the leasing companies "InCREDIT GROUP" or "Aizdevums.lv". If you decide to purchase the goods in leasing, having made an order, please select leasing as a form of payment, fill in all the required fields and fill out the order form. Choose one of the leasing companies and specify the amount of the first deposit and its term.

Based on this information, a specialist of one of the leasing companies you have chosen (“InCREDIT GROUP” or “Aizdevums.lv”) will contact you and tell you whether the chosen leasing company approved your request or rejected it. If the leasing company you have selected has accepted an application for a leasing, we will agree on the delivery date and the leasing company will develop a leasing agreement, that you will have to sign at the time of the receipt of the goods, accompanied by a copy of your identity document (passport / ID) in accordance with the requirements of the first part of Article 14 of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, which provides that the leasing company, when establishing business relations or execution of any operations, specified in Article 11 of this Law, must make copies of the documents on the basis of which the identification of the client was carried out. A copy of your identity document (passport / ID) is correct, if your personal data is clearly visible (for a resident of Latvia: name, surname, personal identification code; for a non-resident of Latvia: name, surname, date of birth, personal photo, document ID, number and date of issue, country and organization of issuance of the document), as well as the following information on a copy of your document proving your identity: the text “Copy is true”, your personal signature, its transcription, personal identification code and the date of signing. All above mentioned is in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 50 of the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 558 of September 4, 2018 on the development and preparation of documents.

At the time of the receipt of the purchased goods, showing an identity document (passport / identity card) is mandatory in accordance with the requirements of the first part of the Article 12 of the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. The law covers the identification of an individual by verifying his identity on the basis of an identity document of the client, who provides the above information.

If you do not provide the original document proving your identity and do not attach a copy of the document certifying your identity to the leasing contract, the goods, unfortunately, you will not be issued!

Please note that when submitting an application, processing a leasing, as well as for processing a personal data, please contact the relevant leasing company (INCREDIT GROUP or Aizdevums.lv), which is considered as your individual manager for the processing and protection of your personal data.