How to choose a mattress?

Sleep is one of the most important components in any person life. Lack of sleep can be a source of not only bad mood and disability, but also worsen your health. According to these studies, it is in a dream that a person spends from 15 to 30 years of his life. We think you can agree, that the numbers are really significant. That is why you should pay attention to the selection of your sleeping accessories and especially your mattress. 


It is important to consider the following: A model that is perfectly suitable to one person may be absolutely unsuitable to another. Comfort is an individual concept. Improper mattress causes insomnia, become a source of discomfort in the back and much more. To avoid all these unpleasant consequences we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our recommendations on “How to choose a mattress?” before purchasing.

When choosing your mattress you must consider the following parameters:

1.Weight category

To 55 kg

For thin people the ideal solution would be a soft mattress. It is better to give the preference to the models, in which the coconut coir is not present. If you want to buy the product with such a firm filler, pay attention, so that the soft fillers were used on top of that material.

From 55 to 90 kg

In this case it is better to give preference to the products of medium hardness. It is important to note that the characteristics indicated "Weight up to 140 kg." Models with the maximum load of over 140 kg, for people of average build will seem too firm.

Over 90 kg

The best solution is a high level of firmness. Give preference to the models with reinforced spring block or a double layer of coconut coir. It is a natural material, which provides the necessary firmness, as well as environmentally friendly. Does not absorb moisture and odors. Wear-resistant and durable.


When selecting a mattress, consider its length. So, to ensure the greatest comfort, we recommend you to select the model, which is 15 cm more than the height of the sleeper. So, if your height is 175cm or less, ideal solution would be a product with a length of 190 cm. While people with the higher growth should give preference to the mattresses, which length is at least 200 cm.


This is one of the most important indicators, since during different periods of life a sleeping place of different firmness is required. Which product to prefer? Learn more.

The choice of mattress for a child

Caring parents try by all means to improve the quality of sleep of their baby. To create the most favorable conditions for rest you should consider a number of factors, but the leading factor in this case is choosinga correct baby mattress.

Better if you stop your choice on the mattress, which will have hypoallergenic fillers in its composition. Pay attention to the material from which the cover case is made. And finally, the most important thing to consider is the age of your child.

For the newborns

We recommend to choose the hard springless models. The thing is that in this period the baby's spine is developing and he needs a reliable support.

From 2 to 13 years

The mattress for the crib is bought not for one year. In this case it is important to consider that the child's weight changes. You can give preference to the spring and springless models. The main argument should be firmness. It is recommended to look for the product with the medium hardness or even harder.

Teenagers and young people up to 25 years

Note that the formation of the spine continues up to 25 years. It is therefore better not to choose the soft models. The right solution isa mattress of average firmness. In case of problems with excess weight it is recommended to go for the increased firmness.

25-50 years

For this age any restrictions doesn't exist. It all depends on the personal preferences, physiological characteristics of the body structure and weight.

50 years

Better to stop your choice on the soft or moderately hard options. At this age it is not recommended to use a hard sleeping place, as this can have a negative impact on the spine.


If there are any problems related to the musculoskeletal system, before buying a mattress is better to consult a doctor. However, there are some general recommendations:

· Hard mattresses fits people with low back pain and problems with posture;

· Models of medium hardness is an ideal solution for those who experience some discomfort in the cervical and thoracic part of the spine;

· Soft – when there are problems in the lumbar region.

5.The spring or springless mattress?

Springless mattresses are often bought for children under 12 years. In their composition they may contain: coconut coir, orthopedic foam or natural latex. Coconut coir, as mentioned earlier, provides the necessary firmness.When foam and latex have high elasticity. They help to maintain the body in an anatomically correct position, which helps to significantly improve the quality of sleep. Another advantage is that most of these products come rolled-up, which significantly simplifies the process of transportation.

The "ASKONA"  company uses several types of spring blocks in the production of it's mattresses, about which you can read more further on.


Spring mattresses:

1.With a dependent spring block

The dependent spring block "Bonnel", in which the springs are firmly connected to each other provides elastic, anatomically correct support, undeformable during use and wear-resistant. However, in this case, when pressing on one of the springs the other elements are compressed as well.

2.With independent spring block

The main feature of an independent spring block is that each spring is placed in a separate pocket. At the same time, they are in a preloaded condition and always ready to take on the required load. "Askona", in the creation of it's mattresses, uses several types of systems. One of them resembles the barrel, the other an hourglass.


Pocket Spring – a system in which each spring is placed in a separate cover case, due to which they all work independently from each other. This type of spring as the shape of a "barrel". The main advantage is the provision of an orthopedic effect. It is used in the Askona Classic collection of mattresses.

Hour Glass – "Hourglass" spring block creates a better support of the spine, provides the flexibility and absolute comfort. Each spring is solidly fixed in the pocket. Compression occurs in 3 stages. First their work begin the elements located on the top and the bottom. Activation of the middle part  happens only in the case of the larger load. Thus, the Hour Glass is in working condition, when the normal spring already stopped working. The system is more resilient and is compressed only vertically. Presented spring block is used in the Askona Sleep Style collection of mattresses.

6.Materials and fillers

When choosing a mattress it is important to pay attention to the fillers. They can be both natural and artificial. Natural fillers are more expensive, but at the same time durable. However, don't underestimate and artificial materials. The use of such components allows you to make the product more affordable. In addition, the fillers of a synthetic origin are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties. Thanks to the innovative technologies it is possible to create artificial materials with truly unique properties. A striking example is a foam with "a memory" of the shape effect. Below you will find the characteristics of the main fillers used in the manufacture of mattresses.

Coconut coir – the material produced on the basis of the fibers from the coconut tree. It has a high rate of elasticity and anatomical features. Adds firmness to the bmattress. Durable and resistant to wear. Does not absorb liquid well and it is breathable. Creates an antibacterial effect.

Latex – a natural material with a porous structure, made of foamed juice of the hevea, called also a rubber tree. Creates the necessary elasticity. Thermostable. Has an antiseptic effect.

Felt – durable, wear-resistant material made from natural raw materials. Used as a layer between the spring block and the soft fillings, allowing to extend the life of the product.

Foam with a "memory" shape effect – artificial material, which has a high elasticity. It has a porous structure. This foam exactly adapts to the anatomical features of the sleeper's body, creating better support for the spine. Moisture resistant, non-toxic filler. Able to withstand severe and prolonged stress.

Jersey – high quality material used in the manufacture of the upper layer of the mattress. Eliminates the possibility of the rise of the bacteria. Improves air exchange. Soft fabric is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Jacquard is a dense fabric that is used as a cover. Jacquard weaving of the yarns provides excellent levels of durability and density.

The choise of the right mattress is the key to a good sleep, well-being, and, consequently, it improves your health, increases energy and dayly activity. That is why it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture of products designed for sleep.

We have tried to uncover to you the main points, that you should pay attention to when buying a mattress. If you still have questions regarding this subject, please contact our consultants – they are always ready to help and advise you on the matters of your interest.