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Pegasi Smart Glasses II Light Therapy Glasses - a "smart" device for correcting sleep disorders and improving sleep quality. Glasses generate light waves of a certain length and regulate a person's circadian rhythms: they restore sleep and wakefulness cycles. Recommended for people with sleep disorders and “owls”; for the elderly, those who fly often, students, and anyone who wants to be successful and use their potential effectively.

The effect of Pegasi Smart Glasses II:
• glasses get rid of insomnia and jet lag;
• speed up falling asleep and waking up;
• relieve chronic fatigue;
• help cope with depression caused by the seasonal decrease in daylight hours;
• Increase efficiency and stress resistance;
• Improve your general health and appearance and slow down the aging process.

The advantages of Pegasi Smart Glasses II:
• the ergonomic shape and folding temples make it easy to take with you;
• the weight is 48 g, just like regular glasses;
• the result is consistent in as little as 7 days of continuous use;
• the ability to monitor your health and performance through the Pegasi Sleep mobile app (available on Android and iOS), calculating a personalized program;
• instant synchronization with your mobile device and cloud storage via the secure Bluetooth protocol.


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    light therapy glasses

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  • Application

    sleep disorder correction

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