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The S8 Somnox Sleep Robot is a unique high-tech device for comfortable relaxation. It speeds up falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep.
The Somnox Sleep Robot's movements and sound mimic the calm, measured breathing of a sleeping person. It relieves emotional stress and puts you in a restful mood: when you hug the robot, you automatically synchronize your breathing rhythm with the slightly slower breathing of the robot.

Recommended for teenagers and the elderly, people prone to allergies, those who often go on long business trips or their significant other, anyone who works hard, has emotional stress or simply prefers to sleep in a cuddle, but is temporarily alone.

• 3 modes of operation: relaxation, shallow or deep sleep;
• built-in breath detection module and motion sensor: first, the robot adjusts to your breathing, and then it sets a calmer and slower rhythm to which you restore your breath;
• option to listen to tunes: a playlist with music for meditation, nature sounds, white and pink noises;
• you can record your favorite music on the robot's microSD (16 GB of memory);
• built-in Bluetooth speaker - you can stream music, audiobooks or soothing sounds from your smartphone to it;
• cozy backlighting;
• battery charge indication.

The advantages of Somnox Sleep Robot:
• unique curved shape: Sleep Robot follows the natural contours of your body - you can sleep with the robot pressed tightly against you and in a comfortable position;
• works via the human-safe Bluetooth protocol - only when the person is awake, at night, if you sleep, the mode is inactive;
• the robot can be used during the day - for meditation and relaxation (read a book, watch a movie, just cuddle);
• replacement and main covers are made of natural "breathable" fabrics;
• practical to care for: washable cover can be washed at 60°, teak upholstery - zippered, washable.
Warning: Never wash the case if the robot is inside!
• protective packaging and a pouch - easy to take on trips;
• produced in the Netherlands - high European quality.

Somnox Sleep Robot: For cozy cuddles and a better quality of sleep and life!


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    sleep gadget

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    sleep disorder correction

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Ilgu laiku mācījām bērnu gulēt savā gultā vienam pašam, bet visu laiku viņš skrēja atkal pie mums. Robots ir paātrinājis šo procesu desmitiem reižu !!! Tagad tā ir viņa mīļākā rotaļlieta.

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Pēc noteiktiem dzīves apstākļiem es nevaru aizmigt viena, mani vajā nemitīga nervozitāte un briesmas. Psiholoģe ieteica iegādāties mājdzīvnieku, lai jūs vienmēr varētu justies blakus tam, bet alerģijas dēļ tas ir nereāli. Es sāku guglēt un uzgāju šo robotu. Gadžetam ir ērta forma, lai jūs varētu apskaut to, un tas arī simulē elpošanu. Nopietni, tas ir tā, itkā jūs apskaujat dzīvu būtni. Jums vispār nav jāpierod, robots uzreiz kļūst tuvs un mājīgs. Kopumā esmu sajūsmā! Beidzot es bez problēmām aizmiegu ar savu mīļāko robotu Tediju.)) No mīnusiem - cena, tā, protams, kož. Bet jums nav jābaro šāds mājdzīvnieks, un ir tik daudz priekšrocību, tas ir šīs naudas vērts.

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