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The Askona Original Adaptive Soft mattress is designed for transformable bases.
An innovative spring unit with notches in the transformation zones provides high adaptability of the mattress: it is equally comfortable on it in any position - both lying and sitting.
Askona Original Adaptive Soft mattress with firmness below average, promotes comfortable relaxation and makes falling asleep easier.

At the heart of the mattress:

- 7-zonal independent spring zones, with springs called Hour Glass, which closely follow the curves of the body and gently support it in an anatomically correct position;
- highly elastic foam Orto Foam adapts to the physiological characteristics of tthe body and enhances the action of the spring block, provides an optimal sleep microclimate;
-  Memory Foam repeats body movements, evenly distributes the load on the mattress and normalizes blood circulation;
- Turn Free technology eliminates deformation; the mattress does not need to be turned over: during use and on the other hand, it retains elasticity and initial appearance;
- comfortable top layer with Oxyon impregnation relieves muscle tension and improves sleep quality;
- Orto Foam foam reinforces the perimeter of the mattress.

Extended 5-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover)!

Advantages of the Askona Original Adaptive Soft:

- suitable for transformable bases and regular beds;
- Hour Glass spring has 3 times longer life than usual;
- withstands regular intense loads;
- no weight restrictions;
- suitable for people with a sensitive sleep.

Askona Original Adaptive Soft mattress: exquisite softness in any position!
It is important to know: it can be made in non-standard sizes - according to the statement of the buyer.


  • Type

    Spring with a spring block

  • Height


  • Sleeping place

    width from 60 to 120 cm

    Three-quarter beds
    width from 120 to 140 cm

    width from 140 to 200 cm

  • Hardness


  • The weight load

    from 140 to 170 kg

  • Features

    one-sided the mattress is not reversible, with the function of shape restoration, retains its properties throughout the entire period of use

  • Intended for

    For adults

    for couple

  • Filling

    Putas Orto Foam High-elasticity anatomical Orto Foam is a porous, resilient, ultrastrong modern synthetic material

  • Number of springs

    550 explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body

  • Collection

    Askona Original

  • Mattresses for Ergomotion


  • Spring block

    Hour Glass an innovative, patented spring type, made of durable carbon-coated metal in the shape of an hourglass and packed in a fitted pouch. It does not creak or deform in any way, is flexible and resilient and lasts 3 times longer without any weight restrictions.

  • Zonality

    7-zone maximally corresponds to the anatomical features of the human body. It distinguishes areas under the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, calves and feet. Each zone in these mattresses provides optimum support for a specific body part. Recommended for people with excessive weight.

  • Mattress layers


  • Warranty, years


  • Brand


Materials and design

OrtoFoam ®

Highly flexible, hypoallergenic, artificial material with double cell structure. It adapts most accurately to the anatomy of the body, providing perfect support for the spine and guarantees a balanced microclimate of sleep.

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Mattress Original ADAPTIVE SOFT


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