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Askona Original Pro is a collection of innovative mattresses at affordable prices created for ambitious people for whom the newest technologies have long become an integral part of life.

Original Pro 5.0 mattress is a comfortable and reliable model, suitable for absolutely everyone who truly appreciates convenience and affordable technologies for the maximum comfort level during sleep.

Askona Original Pro mattresses are equipped with “Hour Glass” spring blocks.
Unique patented “Hour Glass Carbon 180 7-zone” spring formula allows the mattress to withstand a 10 times bigger load compared to other mattresses of the same class. Innovative spring block consists of special close-fitting fabric bags that hold the springs with a non-standard shape - an hourglass shape - which allows the mattress to provide several layers of elasticity and protects it from spring deformation. Individual firmness levels have been developed for different body areas by using carbon-coated wire with 1,8 mm and 1,9 mm diameter. This technology relieves pressure from the spine, tension from the muscles and joints, creating ideal conditions for comfortable sleep and relaxation.

Modern high-technology material with Memory Foam memory effect, being warmed up by the heat of the body, takes the precise shape of the body, which allows it to relieve tension and prevent the reverse pressure of the material.

A layer of natural latex made from the sap of an Hevea rubber tree will allow you to find a comfortable position; it follows the curves of the body and creates an analgesic effect on joints and muscles.

The knitted fabric upper comfort layer with viscose threads, quilted on the polyester padding and high-elasticity foam,will impress the admirers of the mattresses with a soft surface but a firm base.

Original Pro 5.0 mattress composition:

* knitted Belgian fabric with viscose, quilted on the polyester padding and high-elasticity foam is gentle to the touch and delicate surface layer that excludes the possibility of microorganism development;
* Memory Foam layer;
* cotton felt protects the spring block from abrasion and retains the original shape of the mattress;
* 7-zone Hour Glass Carbon spring block (the spring height - 180 mm, number of the springs per sleeping accommodation - 550);
* latex conforms to the lines of the body and quickly returns to its original shape;
* perimeter reinforcement with eco-friendly recycled high-density polyurethane Rebond foam;
* lateral part of the mattress is made of breathable 3D mesh;

Extended 5-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover)!

The advantages of the Original Pro 5.0 mattress:

* withstands 5 times bigger loads;
* tenfold resilience for increased comfort;
* moisture resistant, non-toxic material;
* the same firmness level on both sides - medium;
* 28 cm thick;
* long service lifespan tested in the laboratory conditions.

Askona mattresses - the basis for the things important to you!


  • Type

    Spring with a spring block

  • Height


  • Sleeping place

    width from 60 to 120 cm

    Three-quarter beds
    width from 120 to 140 cm

    width from 140 to 200 cm

  • Hardness


  • The weight load

    from 140 to 170 kg

  • Features

    versatile two sides with different firmness levels

  • Intended for

    For adults

    for couple

  • Filling

    Natural latex
    a natural elastic material with an open structure and high wear-resistance properties

    High-elasticity anatomical Orto Foam
    a high technology material that fully conforms to the shape of the body.

    Natural cotton fibre
    excellently absorbs moisture and has good air exchange allowing the skin to breathe

  • Number of springs

    550 explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body

  • Collection

    Original Pro

  • Spring block

    Hour Glass an innovative, patented spring type, made of durable carbon-coated metal in the shape of an hourglass and packed in a fitted pouch. It does not creak or deform in any way, is flexible and resilient and lasts 3 times longer without any weight restrictions.

  • Zonality

    7-zone maximally corresponds to the anatomical features of the human body. It distinguishes areas under the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, calves and feet. Each zone in these mattresses provides optimum support for a specific body part. Recommended for people with excessive weight.

  • Mattress layers


  • Brand


Materials and design

Natural latex

A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

Cotton felt

White cotton felt is an insulating layer that protects the comfort layers from abrasion by the spring unit. Contributes to the proper distribution of the load. Allows to noticeably prolong the service life of the mattress.


Extraordinarily soft, pleasant to the touch material. Characterized by high flexibility and elasticity. Hygienic. Thanks to a special weave of threads provides good air exchange. Wear-resistant and durable.

Foam with "memory" shape

Porous material capable of precisely adapting to the shape of the head. Responds even to slight movements, creating elastic support. Quickly restores original shape. Allows to keep the neck and head in the right position, which improves the quality of sleep. Hypoallergenic. Durable.

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