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High versatile mattress.
The upper layer has a comfortable knitted fabric to maintain a favorable climate during sleep.
One side is above average hardness based on natural coconut and latex, the second side is medium hardness based on natural coconut and Orto Foam.
It is based on a 7-zone spring block of independent springs 15 cm high. Orto Foam Perimeter Reinforcement Box
Load on the mattress - 140 kg
It is designed for those who move a lot and are trained for endurance. Suitable for those used to changing the bed's stiffness or who do not know what kind of stiffness is right for them.
Extended 5-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover)!

Stiffness - medium/above medium
Height 26 cm


  • Type

    Spring with a spring block

  • Height


  • Sleeping place

    width from 60 to 120 cm

    Three-quarter beds
    width from 120 to 140 cm

    width from 140 to 200 cm

  • Hardness



  • The weight load

    up to 140 kg

  • Features

    versatile two sides with different firmness levels

  • Intended for

    For adults

    for couple

  • Filling

    Natural coconut
    Natural coconut fibre is a lignified fibre obtained from the mesocarp of coconut palm nuts

    Natural latex
    a natural elastic material with an open structure and high wear-resistance properties

    Putas Orto Foam
    High-elasticity anatomical Orto Foam is a porous, resilient, ultrastrong modern synthetic material

  • Number of springs

    550 explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body

  • Spring block

    Pocket is a block of independent springs, each placed in a separate pouch, which sensitively responds to even the slightest movement. This ensures that the springs work autonomously and are compressed independently of the adjacent springs. Mattresses with the Pocket spring block ensure the orthopaedic effect and natural positioning of the spine.

  • Zonality

    7-zone maximally corresponds to the anatomical features of the human body. It distinguishes areas under the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, calves and feet. Each zone in these mattresses provides optimum support for a specific body part. Recommended for people with excessive weight.

  • Mattress layers


  • Warranty, years


  • Brand


Materials and design

Natural latex

A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

Coconut coir

Mattresses made of coconut coir are durable, not susceptible to rot and mold, do not absorb moisture and odors, and prevent the appearance of dust mites.

OrtoFoam ®

Highly flexible, hypoallergenic, artificial material with double cell structure. It adapts most accurately to the anatomy of the body, providing perfect support for the spine and guarantees a balanced microclimate of sleep.

Knitwear with antibacterial impregnation of aloe vera

Comfortable, pleasant to the touch, high-quality brand-name knit with aloe vera impregnation creates an antibacterial and antifungal effect. A special weave of threads guarantees good breathability. Helps relieve muscle tension and normalizes blood circulation. Moisturizes and restores skin tone.

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Are you interested in a specific item?
Our consultant will demonstrate it online and provide answers to all your questions.
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Mattress Sleep.8 MEDIUM


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