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The Oasis aroma diffuser with a beautiful winter landscape pattern will become not only a stylish decoration, but also a ""creator"" of an individual atmosphere in your home. The device delicately humidifies the air in the room, creating a pleasant environment for you. If you want your favorite scent to soar in your home, add a couple of drops of essential oil to the container. In addition, the aroma diffuser also helps to remove unpleasant odors from pets, tobacco, etc.
How it works: the device uses ultrasonic vibrations to transform water into mist. At the same time, the emitted steam (water dust) is cold, and the temperature in the room does not rise, it cannot be burned.

- reduces the intensity of odors (tobacco, cats, strong-smelling plants),
- increases the level of humidity in the room (it is recommended to turn it on in confined spaces), aromatic oils create the desired mood.
- two operating modes of the device: continuous steam supply for 3 hours; intermittent operation for 6 hours;


  • Type

    aroma diffuser

  • Application


    air humidification

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