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Bed Gear Dri-Tec protective cover - unique protection of the mattress from pollution and moisture penetration. Due to the heat removal function, sleep always remains comfortable, both in summer and in winter. Perfect for those who complain of restless sleep, since it does not cause any sounds during the turn over. It is endowed with special protection against the occurrence of dust mites hazardous to health. It can be used both with classical models of beds, and with the transformed bases. For reliable fastening to the product, special rubber bands are provided to quickly and reliably strengthen the cover. It is recommended to use with mattresses, height, no more than 45 cm.

Consists of:

  • 100% polyester - a modern artificial material, which is considered the leader in this segment of fabrics. It has a high level of air permeability, excellent thermostatic properties. Such characteristics allows to create comfortable sleeping conditions, that benefit your health and help to achive full recovery during a night sleep. It is soft, looks like wool, although its properties are closer to cotton. Keeps the original form well, practically does not wrinkle. Easy to care for, durable.

Advantages of the Dri-Tec protective cover:

  • protection against moisture penetration;

  • thermostatic effect;

  • elastic border;

  • does not cause allergies;

  • keeps the original form;

  • can be used with beds and transforming bases;

  • silent;

  • easy and reliable fixation;

  • maintains up to one hundred machine wash cycles;

  • wear resistant

The Bed Gear Dri-Tec protective cover protects your peaceful sleep and protects the mattress from the premature wear.


  • Type

    Protective covers

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Materials and design


Thin and lightweight material based on synthetic fibers. Wear-resistant. Pleasant to the touch. 

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