The Bed Gear Hyper-Cotton protective cover with it's thermostatic properties works even during your sleep. It is breathable, does not trap the moisture on the surface, quickly evaporating it. The best option for the modern bed models, as well as for the innovative transforming bases. In this cover the additional layer of anti-allergenic material is used to protect the product from the occurrence of the dangerous dust mites and bacteria, that can cause allergies. Quickly and securely fixed around the perimeter of the mattress with the rubber bands. Recommended for mattresses, whose height does not exceed 45 cm.

In the composition of the upper layer:

  • 55% cotton - a plant material with high hygienic and hygroscopic characteristics. Lightweight, soft, pleasant to the touch, but with it, quite durable.

  • 45% polyester - a synthetic material that has no equal among its analogues. By appearance it resembles wool, but its properties are closer to cotton. Does not wrinkle, perfectly keeps its shape. High level of wear resistance.

  • 100% polyester is used for the bottom of the cover, as well as the sides.

The advantages of Hyper-Cotton protective cover:

  • does not pass moisture;

  • thermostatic properties;

  • keeps the original shape;

  • suitable for beds and transforming bases;

  • maintains up to one hundred machine washings;

  • protects against harmful microorganisms and dust mites;

  • hypoallergenic;

  • elastic border;

  • long service life.

The Bed Gear Hyper-Cotton protective cover  is a guarantee of a healthy sleep and pleasant emotions!


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    Protective covers

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Materials and design


Ecologically friendly material of plant origin, with high thermo-regulating. Hypoallergenic. It has excellent hygienic properties. Durability comparable to silk, surpasses wool. Easy to iron. Improves properties of synthetic fibers.


Thin and lightweight material based on synthetic fibers. Wear-resistant. Pleasant to the touch. 

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