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Askona Classic mattresses - is a unique collection of traditional mattresses at affordable prices for young modern families who are settling in or renovating their new apartment, moving to another city or district or are just searching for a safe and favourable mattress for the healthy sleep of their family members.
Askona Classic mattresses are equipped with “Hour Glass” spring blocks.
Classic Active mattress is a comfortable and reliable model suitable for absolutely everyone who truly appreciates comfort and knows how to have a good rest.
Unique patented “Hour Glass 7-zone” spring formula allows the mattress to withstand a 5 times bigger load compared to other mattresses of the same class. Innovative spring block consists of special close-fitting fabric bags that hold the springs with a non-standard shape - an hourglass shape - which allows the mattress to provide several layers of elasticity and protects it from spring deformation.
Improved Orto Foam Air foam with an enlarged mesh size ensures air circulation within the mattress, as well as perfectly conforms to the anatomy of your body while providing ultimate support of the spine.
The knitted fabric upper comfort layer quilted on a high-elasticity foam will impress the admirers of the mattresses with a soft surface but a firm base.
The mattress cover fabric has a safe indelible Silver Touch impregnation, which prevents the appearance of dust mites and harmful bacteria.

The composition of the Classic Active mattress:

* knitted Belgian fabric quilted on the polyester padding and high-elasticity foam is gentle to the touch and delicate surface layer that excludes the possibility of microorganism development;
* Orto Foam Air - moisture resistant and non-toxic foam;
* cotton felt protects the spring block from abrasion and retains the original shape of the mattress;
* 7-zone Hour Glass spring block (the spring height - 120 mm, diameter - 1,8 and 1,9 mm, number of the springs per sleeping accommodation - 550);
* perimeter reinforcement with eco-friendly recycled high-density polyurethane Rebond foam;

Extended 5-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover)!

The advantages of the Classic Active mattress:

* withstands 5 times bigger loads;
* tenfold resilience for increased comfort;
* the same firmness level on both sides (medium-firm);
* 20 cm thick;
* long service lifespan tested in the laboratory conditions.

Askona mattresses - the basis for the things important to you!


  • Type

    Spring with a spring block

  • Height, cm


  • Sleeping place


    Three-quarter beds


  • Firmness


  • The weight load

    from 140 to 170 kg

  • Features

    two-sided two sides have the same firmness level, but the mattress is reversible

  • Appointment

    For adults

    for couple

  • Filler

    High-elasticity Orto Foam

    Natural cotton fibre

  • Number of springs


  • Collection


  • Spring block

    Hour Glass

  • Zonality

    7-zone maximally corresponds to the anatomical features of the human body. It distinguishes areas under the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, calves and feet. Each zone in these mattresses provides optimum support for a specific body part. Recommended for people with excessive weight.

  • Mattress layers


  • Warranty, years


  • Brand


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Man ļoti patīk šis anatomiskais matracis. Ērti gulēt, nesmaržo, no tā nenoripo. Nekādu izciļņu nav. No mīnusiem, ko atzīmēju - priekš manis tas ir neparasti augsts un nav noņemama vāka.

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Es nopirku šo matraci savam dēlam un esmu ļoti apmierināts ar to. Tā iekšpusē ir novatoriskas atsperes. Cerams, ka nedeformēsies. Mans dēls jau mēnesi guļ uz šī matrača. Saka, ka ir ērti gulēt.

Helpful review? 6


Mans matrača budžets bija ierobežots un man ir arī diezgan liels svars, tāpēc man bija nepieciešams lēts, bet izturīgs matracis. Šim modelim ir īpašas smilšu pulksteņa formas atsperes. Konsultants teica, ka tās pasargā matraci no iespiedumiem. Vakar gulēju uz tā pirmo nakti. Patīkama sajūta pēc miega, pagaidām viss patīk.

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Nopirku šo matraci savai mammai. Viņa guļ uz tā jau sešus mēnešus. Tas ir bez kokosšķiedras, bet ar orto putām un atsperu blokiem. Smilšu pulksteņa atsperes var izturēt lielas slodzes. Mamma ir diezgan liela, viņai vajadzēja tieši tādu. Viņa saka, ka gulēšana uz matrača ir kā pasaka. Viņai bija trūce, sāpēja mugura. Un uz šī matrača viņa guļ labi un mierīgi.

Helpful review? 5

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