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(Cocoon cradle for newborn babies)
Maternity is the happiest period in the life of every woman when the long-awaited baby becomes the whole centre of your entire world. The new addition to the family requires the young mother to change her daily routines, which inevitably leads to a drastic reduction of her sleep time.

The “Askona” company offers an innovation that will become a true salvation for young mothers - an orthopaedic cocoon cradle for newborn babies. It was developed in collaboration with leading paediatricians and neonatologists in Russia. The shape of the cocoon is thought out to the tiniest details and is practically identical to mother’s womb: the back and the shoulders are slightly rounded, the head has a minor forward tilt, and legs, due to the presence of a special roller, are slightly pulled up to the stomach. This reduces the likelihood of cramps and colicky pains and makes it easier for the baby to regurgitate. While staying in this position, babies feel safe, have better sleeping patterns, cry and distress their mothers a lot less.


  • Type

    for newborns and cocoons

  • Height


  • Firmness



  • Sleeping position

    on the back

  • Cover material


  • Filler

    foam with a memory of shape

  • Unique qualities

    Memory foam

  • Состав (Материалы и дизайн)

  • Brand


Materials and design

Highly elastic foam

A modern artificial material with properties resembling latex. It has a cellular structure. Remembers and adapts to the shape of the body, supporting it in an anatomically correct position. The foam is hygienic. Does not absorb moisture. Protects from microorganisms. Durable. 


Ecologically friendly material of plant origin, with high thermo-regulating. Hypoallergenic. It has excellent hygienic properties. Durability comparable to silk, surpasses wool. Easy to iron. Improves properties of synthetic fibers.


Extraordinarily soft, pleasant to the touch material. Characterized by high flexibility and elasticity. Hygienic. Thanks to a special weave of threads provides good air exchange. Wear-resistant and durable.

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Пока была беременной, смотрела на кокон и не понимала, стоит ли покупать. Но, всё же купила. И очень рада этому! Коконом можно пользоваться самого рождения. Ребёнку там легче справится с коликами. Очень быстро засыпает. В данный момент ребёнку 3,5 месяца, вес 7 кг, всё ещё лежит в нем. Большое спасибо производителю, это реально большая помощь родителям по уходу за детьми!

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Кокон супер действительно продуман до мелочей: и формой, и безопасностью, и функционалом. Особенно здорово, что есть чехол защитный-легко ухаживать за изделием.

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Pati nepieciešamākā lieta mammai. Lietoju jau otro reizi un pat nezinu kā tiktu galā bez tā, jo tas tiešam ir ļoti ērti - ieliec bērnu, ej ēst, paņem bērnu kokonā sev līdzi uz virtuvi, ej uz vannu mazgātties, paņemt bērnu kokonā līdzi un tā bezgalīgi ilgi. Bērnam tajā ir ļoti ērti un bieži bērns tajā aizmieg, kamēr tu kaut ko dari, iesaku visiem!

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Ļoti apmierināts ar pirkumu! Kā mēs iztikām bez tā ar vecāko mazuli, es pat nezinu .. Dieva dāvana man un manai meitai! Paldies ražotājam. Bērns tajā atradās līdz 3,5 mēnešiem, jo ​​tad sāka griezties uz vēderu. Nācās pārlikt uz gultiņu bez kokona.

Helpful review? 7

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