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The Askona Sleep Style Touch orthopedic mattress is medium-hard, well suited to those who like to sleep on the back. Height - 28 cm, with a maximum load not exceeding 140 kg. The long term quality of the product is prolonged due to the possibility of turning the product on one side or the other.

The structure of the mattress includes the following components:

  • the seven-zone spring block presented by the independent springs made of a wire of various diameter. This solution allows to significantly improve the technical properties of the mattress, as well as to provide the correct long-term support of the body.

  • innovative foam structure called "Orto Foam". Its presence creates the conditions for maintaining a comfortable temperature for the human body. Environmentally friendly foam has micromassage properties and is breathable, as confirmed by a CertiPur certificate.

  • two-layer coconut coir made from the natural raw materials, perfectly protects the product from rapid wear, and also adds firmness and enhances elasticity.

  • a soft knitted fabric, impregnated with a special antibacterial solution containing Aloe Vera, will reliably protect the surface from the penetration of the microbes during a long-term use. Durable knitwear gently touches the body and gives it a required relaxation, improving a blood flow.

The main advantages of the Sleep Style Touch mattress:

  • has no weight restrictions;

  • a high degree of safety;

  • environmentally friendly;

  • convenient height, allowing comfortable use of the mattress;

  • suitable for people suffering from sleep disorders;

  • while sleeping on the mattress, the body will always remain in a healthy position.

The Askona Touch all-purpose mattress will allow you to feel a complete relaxation and renew your strength after a long day of work.


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    up to 140 kg

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  • Filler

    Натуральное кокосовое волокно

    Пена Orto Foam

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Materials and design

OrtoFoam ®

Highly flexible, hypoallergenic, artificial material with double cell structure. It adapts most accurately to the anatomy of the body, providing perfect support for the spine and guarantees a balanced microclimate of sleep.

Coconut coir

Mattresses made of coconut coir are durable, not susceptible to rot and mold, do not absorb moisture and odors, and prevent the appearance of dust mites.

Knitwear with antibacterial impregnation of aloe vera

Comfortable, pleasant to the touch, high-quality brand-name knit with aloe vera impregnation creates an antibacterial and antifungal effect. A special weave of threads guarantees good breathability. Helps relieve muscle tension and normalizes blood circulation. Moisturizes and restores skin tone.

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