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Askona Roll Pack double-sided springless mattress - high firmness. Designed for connoisseurs of an elastic sleeping place and all who work hard and move actively throughout the day. Relieves muscle tension - for comfortable relaxation.

Askona Roll Pack is sold in a roll pack: thanks to its compact packaging it is easy to transport, the elasticity of the upper fabric allows the mattress to restore its original appearance.

Askona Roll Pack consists of:

  • highly elastic foam Orto Foam supports the body in anatomically correct position, evenly distributes the load on the mattress;
  • the upper comfortable layer is a dense fabric with anti-stress properties, retains the shape of the mattress and enhances its anatomical effect.

    It's important to know:

  • the mattress restores it's shape in 72 hours;
  • it is undesirable to roll it again;
  • can not be stored in a twist after opening;
  • fixed cover;
  • the mattress will last longer when purchased with a protective cover.

    Advantages of Askona Roll Pack:

  • universal model - for your home and summer house;
  • The gray cover is practical to use and care: it does not absorb odors and is resistant to deformation.

    Askona Roll Pack: convenient to transport, comfortable to sleep!
  • Features

    • Type


    • Height, cm


    • Firmness


    • The weight load

      up to 110 kg

    • Features


    • Collection

      S8 Revive

    • Состав (Материалы и дизайн)

    • Warranty, years


    • Brand


    Materials and design

    OrtoFoam ®

    Highly flexible, hypoallergenic, artificial material with double cell structure. It adapts most accurately to the anatomy of the body, providing perfect support for the spine and guarantees a balanced microclimate of sleep.

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