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Most relationships involve compromise, but both you and your partner will be happy with a dual zone mattress from the Tech collection. Choose a combination of different levels of firmness and support in one mattress to suit your individual preferences and needs, and soon nothing will disturb your sleep. Each Tech collection mattress has a unique layering system designed to help you sleep soundly night after night. Optimal pressure distribution, spine stretching, thermal regulation and the perfect level of support for you and your partner - you will both notice the difference.

The Tech Soft-Hard mattress offers soft support on one side and a firm, supportive surface on the other. It is ideal for couples with different body types, habits and preferences.


- Elastic support to reduce pressure on joints
- Premium fabric cover with stimulating massage pads that are easily removable for washing
- Light cooling effect refreshes throughout the night
- Rubberized, non-slip underside prevents the mattress from moving out of place
- Innovative foam layer shape with innovative petal cut to gently stretch the spine
- Comes rolled up and packed for your convenience

Extended 10-year warranty (when purchased with the protection cover)!  

  Layer System:
- Premium fabric cover, removable with zipper
- 3 cm of innovative cooling gel foam
- 6.5 cm of foam designed to gently stretch the spine and provide optimal pressure distribution
- 9 cm of rigid foam provides an ideal level of support and comfort
- 6 cm layer of extra-strong foam for durability
- Rubberized underside


  • Type


  • Height, cm


  • Sleeping place


  • Firmness



  • The weight load

    up to 140 kg

  • Features

    Dual comfort

  • Appointment

    for couple

  • Filler

    Пена Orto Foam

    Пена с памятью формы

  • Number of springs


  • Mattresses for Ergomotion


  • Warranty, years


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