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The Smart Pillow 2.0 is a real pillow of the future. This exclusive model designed by a high-class professionals working in Ascona. The product can deservedly be called a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of the smart things designed for sleeping and relaxing. The use of the innovative technologies made it possible not only to relax in comfort, but also to obtain important data of the body’s vital signs.

For these purposes, a special sensor is integrated into the pillow, that tracks the smallest movements, fixing the heart rate and breathing depth. Its presence allows you to transfer the received data to any mobile device running Android or iOS operation system. The collected and recorded information is accumulated and displayed on the smartphone screen in a special application. It's not difficult to analyze the parameters obtained. Each parameter is displayed in the form of a graph created on the basis of the incoming data. The information is automatically synchronized with the application via Bluetooth.

Sleepace application provides recommendations on how to improve your sleep, to feel rested and full of energy in the morning. The “smart” alarm clock will surely wake you up when you are in your light sleep phase. A special advantage of the product is the possibility to trace a dangerous stopping of the heartbeat or breathing, which will help save a person’s life.

Smart Pillow 2.0 differs from the previous model with improved head and neck support and the introduction of the anatomical shape. The pillow is considered to be a universal product, because it is made using innovative 360 ​​° technology, that allows you to provide complete comfort of sleep and rest. Any result can be sent to your friends using the services of the Sleepace application.

It has a single size of 62 cm x 42 cm and a different height:

S height - 14 cm;

M height - 17 cm;

Height L - 20 cm.


  • 100% microfiber applied to the inner cover. This is a soft and extremely pleasant, but wear-resistant material with fibers of the minimal thickness. Able to significantly improve the heat transfer and to absorb moisture perfectly. Long service life.

  • soft, elastic memory foam with the “memory of the shape” effect for the upper part of the filler, which includes particles of a special Neotaktile cooling gel. The material provides the right support for the neck and head. Does not allow microorganisms to develop on the surface and to penetrate into the pillow. Creates an antibacterial effect. The Neotaktile is a premium material, which contains two types of particles of two different colors - pink and blue. Neutralization of the electromagnetic radiation and other harmful factors, that can worsen your health (for example, mobile devices, etc.) 

  • Suprelle Active + Latex Balls + Artificial Swan Down - for the bottom of the filler. The initial shape and elasticity of the product is retained for a long time thanks to the Latex Balls. Increased comfort is associated with the introduction of latex granules, and elasticity has become possible due to the presence of swan down. The filler will not become lumpy even after many years of use; it keeps its shape perfectly. Hypoallergenic, protects the pillow from the appearance of microorganisms.

  • 100% microfiber with micromassage effect contributes to better relaxation and is the material for the outer cover.

  • The soft, pleasant cotton fiber used for the filler is breathable. High hygroscopic properties, durability, wear resistance.

Advantages of the Smart Pillow 2.0:

  • thermostatic properties;

  • stores the initially specified shape and elasticity;

  • anatomical support of the neck and head;

  • softness;

  • light massage effect;

  • barrier against penetration of microorganisms;

  • neutralization of electromagnetic radiation;

  • availability of innovative materials;

  • abrasion resistance.

Advantages of the Sleepace application:

  • sleep phase tracking;

  • personal consultant;

  • control of your heart beat and respiratory rate;

  • fixation of a temporary stopping of your breathing during sleep;

  • presence of a smart alarm clock.


Smart alarm clock will wake you up in the light phase of your sleep (not during the deep sleep phase).

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    Universal igasuguse kehaehitusega inimesele, igale magamisasendile

Materials and design

NeoTaktile foam

The steamed foam with a mixture of blue and pink particles. It has the effect of "shape memory". Ensures proper support of the body during sleep. Antibacterial, hypoallergenic material with thermo-regulating properties. The multicolored components neutralize electromagnetic waves and enhance the body's own magnetic field, which has a positive effect on the state of health.


It is an unusually thin polyester fiber. It has high air permeability, which does not interfere with heat transfer. The threads are tightly bound together, leaving no lint. Even in the course of prolonged use the microfiber does not deform and does not lose its original appearance. It has good absorbent properties, so even in the summer period will feel a true comfort. 

Swan feather

Light elastic material. Does not clump or form lumps during use. Protects the product from the appearance of microorganisms. Non-allergenic. Maintains its shape. 

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