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The Golden Goose Anatomical Padded Pillow is a classic model suitable for any consumer who prefers to sleep on his stomach. One of the advantages of such a pillow is its versatility: it was created for lovers of comfortable sleep at the most affordable prices.
It contains the most modern and high-quality goose down filler, which does not cause allergic reactions, the spread of various microorganisms, and is quite easy to use and maintain. The filler fibers are hypoallergenic, improve air exchange and maintain thermal comfort at any time of the year. The pillow itself holds its shape for a long time, contributing to the correct position during sleep.

- Classic model of medium hardness
- Natural cotton cover
- The presence of a camera made of natural goose down inside the pillow helps to extend its life
- The fluff does not cake
- The head and neck are in the correct position
- Sleep comfort

It is recommended to sleep on your stomach


  • Type

    Universal igasuguse kehaehitusega inimesele, igale magamisasendile

  • Height


  • Hardness

    this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children

    a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support

  • Sleeping position

    on the side

    on the back

    On the stomach


  • Cover material

    Cotton Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant

  • Filling

    down/feather natural filling made from bird down.

  • Unique qualities

    Natural materials only natural materials are used in the manufacture

  • Brand


Materials and design

Goose down

100% natural material obtained by plucking the bird during the molting period. It is soft, airy, resilient and elastic. Does not lose its properties even during long-term use. Creates insulation effect. Non-smelly. No stiff feathers will be felt while sleeping or when touching the cover.

Down Feather

Natural high-quality filler made of bird feather down. Soft, lightweight material has good air permeability. Characterized by low thermal conductivity. Hygroscopic. Wear-resistant.


A natural material with an unusually soft and smooth surface. It is made of cotton fibers. Special weaving of yarns provide an increased level of density. The fabric is environmentally friendly and safe for health. Does not cause allergic reactions. Well absorbs moisture and dries quickly. 

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Daiga un Marcis

Lielisks spilvens. Nevaram pārstāt priecāties par to. Nopirkam visai ģimenei. Miegs kļuva manāmi stiprāks. Tieši tas, ko meklējām.

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Brīnišķīgs spilvens. Tagad es to nemainīšu ne pret vienu citu. Pat laika gaitā tas nav zaudējis savu formu un saglabā savu izskatu.

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Es nekad nebiju domājusi, ka spilveni varētu būt tik ērti. Man nav alerģijas, tāpēc šis spilvens man lieliski piemērots. Es iesaku jums izmēģināt - labākais spilvens, uz kura esmu gulējis, bet pilnīgi dabisks, kas mani piesaistīja.

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Купила такую подушку в подарок маме. Она наотрез отказалась от современных из пены, хотела только пуховую, но её старые давно надо было попросту выбросить. Вот я и нашла благодаря Аскона такую замечательную альтернативу. Мама со мной согласилась, говорит что спать очень удобно.

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Spilvens - satriecošs, pasūtu vēlreiz. Mēģinājām dažādas alternatīvas, pat par augstāku cenu (ne Askonā), tās piekāpjas šim spilvenam. Es personīgi esmu ļoti izvēlīga šajā ziņā un nevaru gulēt, ja tas ir neērti.

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Pillow S8 Golden Goose


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