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At first glance the Indigo pillow looks like a simple down-filled pillow, but it actually has a complicated 3-tier construction. Indigo has all features of classic contour pillows, but the pressure is evenly disposed over the whole surface, which guarantees the perfect level of comfort. The pillow has 3 levels of height.
- Unique 3-tier construction.
– The pillow is based on the revolutionary NeoTaktile material.
- BlackDiamond inserts impregnated with carbon absorb the smells and support the cervical spine.
– Cotton cover with polyether filling for more softness and comfort.
– It supports your head and your neck in the correct position and dispensed the pressure evenly over the whole surface.
– The head does not “sink” during sleep.
– It manages the excess warmth or humidity and keeps you cool during sleep.
– 3 height options, for every level of comfort: S (9 cm), M (11,5 cm), L (14 cm).

Size  length  width  height  weight 
S 60 37 9 2.05 kg
M 60 37 11,5 2.2 kg
L 60 37 14 2.35 kg


  • Type

    Anatomical täitematerjal toetab korralikult pead ja kaela piirkonda

  • Height

    9 (S)

    11,5 (M)

    14 (L)

  • Firmness

    this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children

    a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support

  • Sleeping position

    on the side

    on the back

    on the belly


  • Cover material


  • Filler

    “Neo Taktile” foam

  • Unique qualities


    Stuffed pillow cover

    Memory foam

  • Brand

    Sleep Professor

Materials and design


Innovative discovery of scientists from the USA. The basis of the material is steamed foam with "memory" of the form, in which the emergence of microorganisms is excluded. The foam contains unique blue and pink particles, which neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation on the human body. Sleeping on mattresses with NeoTaktile significantly improves overall health and strengthens immunity.

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Šis ir foršākais spilvens, uz kura esmu gulējis. Cena pilnībā atbilst kvalitātei. Apmierināti.

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Lielisks spilvens. No sākuma nopirku to savam dēlam un pēc tam pasūtīju visai ģimenei. Elastīgs, bet pietiekami mīksts. Ir ļoti ērti gulēt uz muguras un uz sāniem.

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Iemīlējos spilvenā no pirmā acu uzmetiena. Ja vēlaties labu spilvenu bez visāda veida kakla veltņiem, tas ir ideāls. Es parasti valkāju M izmēra drēbes, un es paņēmu M izmēra spilvenu - viss derēja.

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Foršs spilvens, uz kura ir ērti gulēt gan uz muguras, gan uz sāniem. Kakls nesaspringst, galva no rīta nesāp, apvalks ir diezgan patīkams uz tausti. Esmu ārkārtīgi apmierināta ar pirkumu.

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Es guļu uz šī spilvena nedaudz vairāk kā mēnesi. Sūdzību nav. Nezaudē formu, nav smaržas. Jauks spilvens par labu cenu. Iesaku visiem.

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