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Innovative anatomical leg-up pillow from the Askona Special collection. Provides physiologically correct position of the ankle joint, relieves muscle tension and swelling. Promotes comfortable rest and restoration of legs.

Foam with a “shape memory" precisely repeats the bends of the body and does not exert back pressure on the soft tissues. Case with cooling effect reduces discomfort.

With the help of Leg-up lying on your back, you can take the Zero-G position, when the legs are above the level of the heart. This is an individual position of weightlessness - for complete relaxation.

The pillow is recommended for those who spend a lot of time on their feet, experience physical exertion, or vice versa - they move little during the day.

It is important to know: the external cover is removable, with a zipper.

Leg-up advantages:

normalizes blood circulation;

prevention of varicose veins and arthritis;

innovative materials exclude the development of microorganisms;

suitable for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies;

3D mesh on the sides supports intensive air exchange;

optimal microclimate of sleep at any time of the year;

extended service life.

Pillow Leg-up: for all who care about foot health!


Filling: 100% foam with a shape “memory”.

Cover case with cooling effect

The inner cover is microfiber (100% polyester).

3D mesh - 100% polyester.


  • Type


  • Height


  • Firmness



  • Sleeping position

    Leg pillow

  • Cover material


  • Filler

    foam with a memory of shape

    cooling gel

  • Unique qualities

    Orthopaedic effect

  • Brand


Materials and design

Material with memory effect

High-tech material with a memory effect that cavity takes the shape of the body, thereby reducing back pressure.


It is an unusually thin polyester fiber. It has high air permeability, which does not interfere with heat transfer. The threads are tightly bound together, leaving no lint. Even in the course of prolonged use the microfiber does not deform and does not lose its original appearance. It has good absorbent properties, so even in the summer period will feel a true comfort. 

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Подушка просто бомба! После целого дня на каблуках закинуть на нее ноги - самое то.

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