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Innovative anatomical pillow Roll-up - from the Askona Special collection. The universal shape makes it equally comfortable for the head, neck and legs. Suitable for sleeping in any position.

Natural latex resiliently supports the body in an anatomically correct position and evenly distributes the load on the pillow. Thanks to the functional openings, it improves the air circulation inside it and preserves the hygiene of the bed.

Roll-up relieves muscle and emotional stress. Recommended for the prevention of osteochondrosis and varicose veins.

It is important to know: the external cover is removable, with a zipper. Outlast fabric creates thermal comfort.

Advantages of Roll-up:

 suitable for different parts of the body;

 normalizes free circulation;

 innovative materials hinder the emergence and development of microorganisms;

 recommended for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies;

 3D mesh on the sides supports intensive air exchange;

 optimal microclimate of sleep at any time of the year;

 extended service life.

Pillow Roll-up: comfortable recovery every day!


Filling: 80% natural latex, 20% synthetic latex.

The inner cover is microfiber (100% polyester).

External cover - Outlast fabric.

3D mesh - 100% polyester.


  • Type

    Anatomical täitematerjal toetab korralikult pead ja kaela piirkonda

  • Height


  • Firmness

    a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support

    this pillow is designed for people who are looking for enhanced cervical spinal cord support

  • Sleeping position

    Knee pillow

  • Cover material


  • Filler

    latex Latex, also called India rubber, is a natural substance obtained from the sap of the tropical Hevea rubber tree. Due to the spiral form of the molecules, latex can be subjected to severe deformation: as soon as the source of pressure is eliminated, the latex item will restore its original shape.

  • Unique qualities

    Orthopaedic effect

  • Brand


Materials and design


It is an unusually thin polyester fiber. It has high air permeability, which does not interfere with heat transfer. The threads are tightly bound together, leaving no lint. Even in the course of prolonged use the microfiber does not deform and does not lose its original appearance. It has good absorbent properties, so even in the summer period will feel a true comfort. 

Natural latex

A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

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Lielisks spilvens, ko var izmantot jebkur. Var likt zem kakla, var likt zem muguras lejasdaļas, var likt zem ceļgaliem - kopumā noderēs visiem, kas cieš no sāpēm mugurkaulā. Es pastāstīju savam ārstam par šo spilvenu, viņš pateica, ka tas ir ļoti labs.

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Patricija M.

Spilvens ļoti iepatikās, sāpes kaklā pilnīgi pārgāja.

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Šis spilvens ir vienkārši neaizstājams tiem, kas cieš no sāpēm ceļu locītavās. Pārbaudīju uz sevis. Iepriekš bija ilgi jāmeklē ērta poza, lai aizmigtu, no veciem spilveniem taisīju ruļļus, ko likt zem ceļgaliem. Tagad es aizmiegu ļoti ātri. Iesaku visiem.

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