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The innovative anatomical pillow Shiatsu-B of the Sleep.8 brand of medium hardness, heavy duty and elastic. It is made for those who care about themselves and their family. It prevents pain and “congestion” in the neck region, improves skin elasticity and strengthens the immunity.

Shiatsu-B has 2 sides with different fillers:
1 side is based on perforated “memory” foam tenderly holds your head and your neck in the natural position, creates the feeling of freshness and “weightlessness”.
The 2nd side is made from super-soft microfibers, with intensive air flow and water evaporation. Shiatsu-B is a high-technology product: it creates personal comfort. To adapt the pillow for a sleeper’s individual habits or preferences, just remove one of the layers.

Advantages of Shiatsu-B:
- sleeping on your back is comfortable – no need to get used;
- you can change the height of the pillow by yourself, it suits for people with sensitive skin and those prone to allergy;
- the innovative materials prevent the appearance and development of micro-organisms; the cover, made from natural cotton, is pleasant to touch;
- thermal comfort any season of the year; high durability;
- innovative product at the market price.
Shiatsu-B pillow:
2 levels of comfort and massage effect – a new standard of healthy sleep!


  • Type

    igasuguse kehaehitusega inimesele, igale magamisasendile

    täitematerjal toetab korralikult pead ja kaela piirkonda

  • Height


  • Hardness

    a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support

    the pillow consists of various layers, which can be interchanged to adjust the ideal height and firmness level

  • Sleeping position

    on the side

    on the back

    On the stomach

  • Cover material

    Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant

    regulating fabric designed according to advanced technologies for the production of astronaut’s spacesuits. This fabric contains millions of spheres from special-purpose wax, which reacts to temperature fluctuations. When the body temperature increases during night-time, the fabric absorbs excessive heat. However, when the temperature level drops to the point of discomfort, millions of spheres release accumulated heat, allowing the temperature to stay at an average, comfortable level without thermal discontinuity. This effect is ensured by the structure of the wax spheres: they can be compressed or expanded, accumulating or releasing heat, respectively.

  • Filling

    Memory foam
    a high technology material that fully conforms to the shape of the body.

    Microfibre is an artificial hypoallergenic material consisting of several micrometre thick microfibres.

  • Unique qualities

    these pillows are based on layers from different materials. These layers can be removed and mixed to adjust optimal height and firmness level.

    Massage effect
    special inserts provide an additional massage effect

    With a cooling effect
    the materials which are used for the production of the pillow ensure a cooling effect and proper thermal regulation during sleep

  • Brand


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Man nepatīk pārāk mīksti spilveni, jo no rītiem man ļoti sāp kakls. Shiatsu spilvens ir optimāls, jo tam ir regulējams augstums, to var pielāgot savām izjūtām. Patīk arī tas, ka putas no abām pusēm atšķiras, un līdz ar to arī sajūtas ir dažādas. Izrādās, ka, pērkot vienu spilvenu, patiesībā jūs pērkat divus uzreiz. Ekonomiski.

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Моей маме прописали постельный режим, она постоянно жаловалась на то, что отекает шея от долгого лежания. Решил эту проблему покупкой подушки Шиацу, ей она очень нравится. Скоро ложится в больницу на плановое обследование, говорит, что с собой возьмет.

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Guļu uz šī spilvena jau divus mēnešus un pamanīju, ka mana sejas krāsa ir izlīdzinājusies un āda ir pārstājusi lobīties. Es nezinu, kā tas darbojas, bet rezultāts mani pilnībā apmierina. Es arī pamanīju, ka man nebija jāpierod pie šī spilvena, mēs kaut kā uzreiz sadraudzējāmies ar to.

Helpful review? 10
Are you interested in a specific item?
Our consultant will demonstrate it online and provide answers to all your questions.
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Pillow S8 Shiatsu-B


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