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The Vortex pillow is designed for people with an active lifestyle, leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing sports. Sleeping on this pillow will help you recover both after light jogging and after exhausting workouts.

• Shape memory foam: orthopedic support for head and neck;
• Symmetrical cellular foam Air Visco - cooling effect;
• The 3D Air Spacer pouch with mesh surface absorbs excess moisture;
• Outlast fabric provides a comfortable temperature in any season;
• Removable cover is easy to care for;
• Special cervical "notch" - a comfortable sleep in any position


  • Type

    täitematerjal toetab korralikult pead ja kaela piirkonda

    Smart on uuenduslik toode, sisseehitatud anduritega padi kehaparameetrite jälgimiseks une ajal

  • Height


  • Hardness

    a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support

    this pillow is designed for people who are looking for enhanced cervical spinal cord support

  • Sleeping position

    on the side

    on the back

  • Cover material

    Outlast regulating fabric designed according to advanced technologies for the production of astronaut’s spacesuits. This fabric contains millions of spheres from special-purpose wax, which reacts to temperature fluctuations. When the body temperature increases during night-time, the fabric absorbs excessive heat. However, when the temperature level drops to the point of discomfort, millions of spheres release accumulated heat, allowing the temperature to stay at an average, comfortable level without thermal discontinuity. This effect is ensured by the structure of the wax spheres: they can be compressed or expanded, accumulating or releasing heat, respectively.

  • Filling

    Memory foam a high technology material that fully conforms to the shape of the body.

  • Unique qualities

    With a cooling effect
    the materials which are used for the production of the pillow ensure a cooling effect and proper thermal regulation during sleep

    Memory foam
    unique, viscoelastic foam implicitly follows the features of the human body

  • Brand


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Lielisks spilvens, miegs kļuva komfortablāks.

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Долго не могла подобрать подушку для себя. Эта модель стала для меня настоящей находкой. Необычайно удобная. Шея и голова вообще перестала болеть. Сразу чувствуется высокое качество. Спасибо.

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Are you interested in a specific item?
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