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Innovative anatomical pillow Spine-up - from the Askona Special collection. A unique shape with a 15 ° slope reduces by 92% bile flow into the esophagus during sleep and rest and reduces acid reflux. Spine-up is recommended for therapy and for the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Elastic foam with the effect of "memory" repeats the bends of the body and creates a feeling of "weightlessness". It does not respond and supports the head, neck and shoulders in a natural position. Due to the viscoelastic structure, the foam does not transmit fluctuations from the movements of the partner.

A slight slope normalizes the work of the heart, prevents apnea sindrom and the appearance of edema on the face. Spine-up is suitable mainly for sleeping on the back. It is also recommended for the prevention of migraines.

It is important to know: the external cover is removable, with a zipper.

Advantages of Spine-up:

 not addictive - comfort from the first sleep;

 normalizes free blood circulation;

 can be used as a pillow for a baby - during feeding and during wakefulness;

 innovative materials hinder the emergence and development of microorganisms;

 suitable for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies;

 3D mesh on the sides supports intensive air exchange;

 optimal microclimate of sleep at any time of the year;

 extended service life.


1 side - 100% foam with a shape “memory”.

2 side - 100% polyester.

The inner cover is microfiber (100% polyester).

External cover - 72% polyester, 27% cotton, 1% elastane.


  • Type


  • Height


  • Firmness



  • Sleeping position

    on the back

  • Cover material


  • Filler

    Polyester fibre

    foam with a memory of shape

  • Unique qualities

    Natural materials

    Orthopaedic effect

  • Brand


Materials and design

Material with memory effect

High-tech material with a memory effect that cavity takes the shape of the body, thereby reducing back pressure.


It is an unusually thin polyester fiber. It has high air permeability, which does not interfere with heat transfer. The threads are tightly bound together, leaving no lint. Even in the course of prolonged use the microfiber does not deform and does not lose its original appearance. It has good absorbent properties, so even in the summer period will feel a true comfort. 

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Mans vīrs cieš no krākšanas, un es ciešu kopā ar viņu. Ārsts ieteica izmantot spilvenu ar nelielu slīpumu, lai normalizētu elpošanu. Nopirku šo spilvenu pirms pāris nedēļām. Sākumā bija neērti gulēt, tad pieradām. Bet problēmas ar krākšanu ir beigušās, tāpēc lieku spilvenam 5+.

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Monta Zariņa

Es tiešām neticēju, ka parasts trīsstūrveida spilvens varētu kaut kā palīdzēt man tikt galā ar grēmām. Man viņu atnesa meita atnesa un lūdza vismaz pamēģināt. Tagad iesaku visiem draugiem, kuriem ir problēmas ar kuņģa-zarnu traktu, iegādāties, jo šis spilvens tiešām ir forša lieta!

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Lieliski tiek galā ar migrēnu, iesaku visiem.

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