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The soft and resilient Storm 0.0 pillow is a real find for those who like to sleep on their stomach, or for people of a fragile build. Thanks to the clever design and innovative materials used in the manufacture, the pillow literally "slides" between you and the mattress. Such an effect virtually eliminates the pressure that exerted on the sensitive skin of the face and neck.

The pillow material is made with special Ver-Tex® technology: it wicks excessive heat away from the body and stays cool throughout the night, thus creating the most comfortable sleeping temperature. The material manufactured with the unique React® technology follows the anatomical contours of the head and neck, eliminating counter pressure from the pillow.

Important to know:
The outer cover is removable, zippered, and washable.

Height: 12 cm
Size: 51 x 66 x 10 cm
 Filling: 65% PE, 35% Memory Foam
Outer cover: 55% PE, 45% Polyethylene
Inner cover: 92% PE, 8% Spandex


Air exchange. 3D structure of the material supports intensive air exchange, thanks to which the excess heat is absorbed and the temperature constantly maintained at a comfortable level. Air -X increases the ventilation of the material, which prevents allergens, dust and dander from getting inside the pillow.

Adaptive head and neck support. Feeling of weightlessness during sleep. The foam easily adapts to the movement during sleep. The combination of shape memory foam and polyester fiber ensures proper support of the head during sleep, eliminating back pressure of the pillow. The material adapts completely and you do not have to constantly adjust the pillow.

Permanent cooling effect. Heat is absorbed naturally and the coolness is retained throughout the night. Ver-Tex technology promotes rapid skin recovery and accelerates skin regeneration.


  • Type


  • Height


  • Firmness


  • Sleeping position

    on the side

    on the back

    on the belly


  • Cover material


  • Filler

    Polyester fibre

    foam with a memory of shape

  • Unique qualities


    Memory foam

  • Brand


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0% leasing 12 mo.

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