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The Bed Gear Ver-Tex protective cover provides reliable protection against water and liquids. Allows you to maintain your mattress in a perfect condition. Through the use of high quality materials creates a unique microclimate. Improved air circulation also has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep . In the morning you will feel completely rested and full of energy. The product accurately responds even to minor movements. Throughout the rest of the night period, the cover will remain dry and slightly cool, since the used material contributes to the heat dissipation. The product retains its shape even during prolonged use. Suitable not only for beds, but also for transforming bases. The height of the mattress can not be higher than 45 cm. The rubber band around the perimeter allows to achieve a perfect fixation.

Consists of:

  • 67% polyester - top. The material is obtained from the synthetic fibers, passes air well. Provides a comfortable sleeping environment. Pleasant to the touch. Practically does not wrinkle and quickly dries after washing. It has a high wear resistance.
  • 33% polyethylene - the upper part. 100% polyethylene is used for sewing side parts. Becomes a barrier to moisture. Lightweight material protects against abrasion.

Advantages of the Ver-Tex protective cover:

  • Waterproof;
  • Slight cooling effect;
  • Improved sleep microclimate;
  • It can be used, both in summer, and in the winter period;
  • Suitable for transforming bases;
  • During operation, retains its shape;
  • Withstands up to 100 wash cycles;
  • Wear resistant

Bed Gear Ver-Tex protective cover will not only maintain a sleeping place in perfect condition, but will also have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep.


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    Protective covers

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Materials and design


Thin and lightweight material based on synthetic fibers. Wear-resistant. Pleasant to the touch. 

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