igasuguse kehaehitusega inimesele, igale magamisasendile
täitematerjal toetab korralikult pead ja kaela piirkonda
Smart on uuenduslik toode, sisseehitatud anduritega padi kehaparameetrite jälgimiseks une ajal
from 1 year old
this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children
a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support
the pillow consists of various layers, which can be interchanged to adjust the ideal height and firmness level
this pillow is designed for people who are looking for enhanced cervical spinal cord support
Cover material
a special type of synthetic fabric made from polyester fibres.
Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant
regulating fabric designed according to advanced technologies for the production of astronaut’s spacesuits. This fabric contains millions of spheres from special-purpose wax, which reacts to temperature fluctuations. When the body temperature increases during night-time, the fabric absorbs excessive heat. However, when the temperature level drops to the point of discomfort, millions of spheres release accumulated heat, allowing the temperature to stay at an average, comfortable level without thermal discontinuity. This effect is ensured by the structure of the wax spheres: they can be compressed or expanded, accumulating or releasing heat, respectively.
Knitted fabric is produced using a knitting machine by creating and interconnecting millions of loops. The loose structure allows this fabric type to adjust to any shape and curve. Moreover, it makes knitted fabric eminently soft and elastic.
Tencel is a natural material made from Australian eucalyptus wood and later subjected to nano processing. The eucalyptus tree, which provides fibres for material production, is valued for its antibacterial properties. Its wood contains antimicrobial agents which prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the possibility of dust mite or mould development in the fabric is eliminated
the material is a mixture of bamboo and microfibres. It does not tangle or lose colour, prevents moisture from damaging the fibres and dries quickly after washing. The filling is lightweight, soft and durable.
Polyester fibre is a type of synthetic fibre made from natural or artificial polyester.
a high technology material that fully conforms to the shape of the body.
natural filling made from bird down.
is the only material in the world that not only provides point support of the body and pampers it with an unsurpassed feeling of comfort, but additionally possesses a thermal regulation effect and helps you achieve the best quality of sleep.
Microfibre is an artificial hypoallergenic material consisting of several micrometre thick microfibres.
Cooling gel is a synthetic material similar to a regular gel in its structure. The material changes its form by adjusting to anatomical features of the body. Moreover, it maintains the temperature level slightly lower than the human body temperature, thus preventing excessive perspiration and facilitating natural thermal exchange during sleep.
Latex, also called India rubber, is a natural substance obtained from the sap of the tropical Hevea rubber tree. Due to the spiral form of the molecules, latex can be subjected to severe deformation: as soon as the source of pressure is eliminated, the latex item will restore its original shape.
Unique qualities
the materials used in the manufacture are safe and do not cause any allergies
exclusive pillow models, which, in addition to the main function of providing qualitative sleep, sense and read the parameters of your body with the help of a specially developed application, as well as warn you about possible diseases.
these pillows are based on layers from different materials. These layers can be removed and mixed to adjust optimal height and firmness level.
special inserts provide an additional massage effect
these pillow models have a removable cover with an additional soft layer.
only natural materials are used in the manufacture
pillows ensure healthy sleep due to the proper head and cervical spinal cord support
pillows with access to the filling provide the option of its removal, adjusting the optimal density level and pillow height.
the materials which are used for the production of the pillow ensure a cooling effect and proper thermal regulation during sleep
unique, viscoelastic foam implicitly follows the features of the human body
pillows with special inserts or models with neck rollers. These models were specifically designed for people who experience cervical pain or want to appreciate enhanced support of the cervical spinal cord

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