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Signature Series protective mattress case, apart from maintaining the cleanliness of the sleeping place, creates healthy conditions for a quiet and safe sleep. The silky material composition has an unusually pleasant atlas touch. Miracle Membrane adds waterproof feature to the product, as well as contributes to even distribution of the heat all over the surface.

Bed Lock technology becomes a barrier against the spread of harmful dust acari. The mattress case possesses hypoallergic characteristics proved by the certificate granted by Canadian Independent Entomological Laboratory. The case can be easily fixed on the mattress edges, does not slide down or crumple during the sleep. It is recommended in combination with products of no more than 40 cm high.


50% tencel – fibres of eucalyptus that emit etherial oils creating antibacterial and hypoallergic effect and improving the quality of sleep. Moreover, they prevent dust and unpleasant odours. The material has a pleasant silky structure.
50% polyester – completely artificial fibres adding to and improving the features of natural materials. Polyester does not get deformed and dries up soon after washing. Thanks to the presence of polyester, the mattress case preserves its original form during long-time use. Apart from that, the material is easy to care.
Advantages of Signature Series:

  • moisture resistant;
  • dust resistant;
  • elastic edge;
  • antibacterial;
  • non-allergic;
  • endures up to one hundred washing cycles;
  • easily and securely fixed;
  • safe for health.


  • Type

    Protective covers

  • on an elastic band


  • Brand


Materials and design


An innovative and exclusive fabric made from wood grown in environmentally friendly conditions. Most often eucalyptus or bamboo are used, but beech and pine are also allowed. Eco-friendly material is durable, non-electric and wear-resistant. It absorbs liquids well and has high air permeability. Provides temperature balance. It has antibacterial effect and serves as a barrier to the development of microorganisms. Due to the high price, it is most often used as an additive to other materials.


Thin and lightweight material based on synthetic fibers. Wear-resistant. Pleasant to the touch. 

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