Simple mattress case is an essential option for those who seek to preserve the hygiene of the sleeping place. The case protects the sleeping place from the spread of microorganisms, mold, viruses and bacteria. It provides a perfect 360◦ cover of the mattress, has hermetically sealed stitchings and totally protects the sleeping place from all the 5 sides of the mattress. Thanks to its unique membrane, this product protects the mattress from any drippings and is highly resistant to air, thus ensuring healthy sleep.

Among drippings that the mattress case protects from, are the following: accidental leakage or dirtying, as well as unnecessary moisture emitted by the sleeper during the night. Should there be no protective case, the moisture emitted by the sleeper during the night would be absorbed by the mattress through the bed linen. However, the mattress cannot be washed. In this case, the protective mattress case is the best solution in order to maintain the hygiene of the sleeping place.

The upper part of the mattress case consists of hypoallergic terry fabric with light micro-massage effect.
The second layer is the membrane layer with small pores allowing entrance of the air and at the same time resisting moisture. It is comfortable to sleep on the mattress with the protective case during any season of the year.


100% hygiene of the sleeping place;
opportunity for disinfection (suitable for washing and tumble drying at high temperatures);
barrier against the spread of mold, viruses and allergens;
protection against moisture;
barrier against dust acari.


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    Protective covers

  • on an elastic band


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Materials and design


Ecologically friendly material of plant origin, with high thermo-regulating. Hypoallergenic. It has excellent hygienic properties. Durability comparable to silk, surpasses wool. Easy to iron. Improves properties of synthetic fibers.


Thin and lightweight material based on synthetic fibers. Wear-resistant. Pleasant to the touch. 

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